Media Project #1

News Broadcast Project


Project Plan Due Date: Nov. 8th

Draft Script Due Date:  Nov. 14th (end of class)

Project Instructions:

Pretend that you are part of a television news team.  Your team will consist of a news anchorperson, a reporter (interviewer) and a civilian (interviewee) who is relevant to the news story. Prepare a two to three-minute live news broadcast of your news story. This includes a broadcast of the news story and an interview with a witness or person of interest (from the news story).

Project Directions: 

Read your news story.  

Identify the key parts in the news story: 

o   Who:  Who was involved?

o   What:  What happened?

o   When: When did it happen?

o   Where: Where did it take place?

o   Why:  Why did it happen?

o   How: How did it happen?

·    Write:

o   a welcome and a brief opening to the news story - This should include a summary of the key parts that you listed above. (Anchorperson)

o   a 30 – 60 second interview to include with the news broadcast.  The interview should be between the reporter and someone involved or relevant to the news story. This could be a witness, the main person, or someone else who would have something interesting to say about the story.  You will need to make this part up, but make sure your interview is believable.  It needs to make sense with the actual news story. (Interviewer and Interviewee)

o   a wrap-up – Write a brief conclusion to the news show. (Anchorperson)

Step 1 - Submit a project plan and draft script of your news story

Step 2- Rehearse your parts

Step 3- Rehearse again

Step 4- Present your broadcast live

Know your parts well enough that you do not need to read from your script!


This project was created by Ann Hunter and adapted by Christabel Shaler