The Hate U Give


Assignment #1

Compare the settings of Garden Heights and Williamson Prep

/20 + bonus question /5

Assignment #2

I didn’t created THUG LIFE, I just diagnosed it. - Tupac Shakur

Describe the meaning of THUG LIFE as it is described by the characters in the novel. Examine this meaning in relation to Tupac’s definition.


The Hate U Give Final Assignment

Option 1: Communicate your perspective of the novel through text and images.


a.     Write your name and class period on the back of your paper.

b.     Write the title of the book and the author somewhere on the page.

c.     Your paper should be completely covered with images, color, and text.

d.     Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.

Essential Elements:

 1.    Images:

Include five images that represent, characters, conflict, and the setting of the book.

(If you don’t like drawing, you can use magazine clippings or images that you find online.)

2.    Text:

 Include one or two important quotes from the text and analyze them.

Why are these quotes important to the story?

 3.    Rate the Novel:

Rate your novel out of five stars and include a statement about why you think this text does or does not deserve a place in our curriculum.

 4.    Connections with Real Life:

How does the novel connect with real life? You can make connections with current events, news stories, movies, music videos or art.

 5.     Reflection:

a.     Write a few sentences on a separate piece of paper to explain the choices you made in your design?

b.     Analyze the quotes you included. Why are the quotes you chose important to the overall meaning of the novel?

c.     How do your images illustrate key moments in the text?

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Example of Final Assignment

Art and media that connects to The Hate U Give